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The Golden Ticket

The Golden Ticket

  • $95.00

It might not win you a trip to a chocolate factory, but this bright assortment of gold medal worthy flavors will win you serious points with whomever receives this gift!

Marou Faisers de Chocolat - 72% bar (2oz)
Auria's Malaysian Kitchen - Salted Caramel Kaya
Brooklyn Delhi - Roasted Garlic Achaar
Lark Fine Foods - Polenta Pennies
Anarchy in a Jar - Beer Mustard
Cocktail Crate Craft Mixer - Maple Whiskey Sour
Nathan Miller Chocolate - Strawberry & Rye Whiskey Bar
Lillie Q's - Carolina Gold Barbecue Sauce
Compartes Chocolate - Cookies & Cream Bar

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